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Our Vision, Tenets and Critical Objectives

  • To be a spirit-filled and lively worshipping congregation as an extension of the daily walk with the Lord in faith and action.


We will seek God’s grace in humility to have genuine worship where God’s presence is felt, God’s pardon is offered, God’s purposes are revealed, and God’s power is displayed.


  • To be a dynamic Spirit led fellowship…to minister to people


Strengthen our congregation by providing care to members that both consistently meets their needs and fosters their ability to enjoy a healthy relationship, possible by using the varied gifts and resources available in STECI Philadelphia.


  • To be empowered for Christian living by …intentional discipling.


Intentionally develop adult discipleship training and experiences which strengthen our member’s basic beliefs, identifies and nurtures leaders and leads to Christlike actions, service, giving, prayer life and spiritual growth.


  • To witness to people in our communities and around the world, particularly in India, through personal reaching out and support to touch people at the point of their need with the commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and STECI.


Equip and motivate individuals to share the gospel with others. Creatively serve and support our locals and people in India with ministries of evangelism, service and compassion.


  • To equip to serve one another to share God’s message of love.


Enlist each member to serve essential roles in the ministry of the church. Teach, train, equip and assist each member to perform his/her God-given tasks. This is in line with Jesus’ teaching of servanthood,” not to be served but to serve”. Furthermore, maintain and develop ministries that nurture children, youth and their families within our congregation.

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